Beyond the Mikrokosmos

This is the start of a collection of smaller chapters, giving glimpses into a timeframe, following the aftermath of the dramatic events of Ji-ho's betrayal.

Chapter 52 – Lost

“Oh, Joon is back early today!” A sudden voice sounded through the dorm. Your best friend and Jungkook had finished their gaming session after Soo-jin won one time too much and the maknae was finally too annoyed to try to beat them again. So you all got cozy on the couch, lazily talking about movies and series you watched while cuddling. It was so funny, how quickly Soo-jin managed to find their way into the heart of some of the boys. So, when you quickly went over to comfort your youngest boyfriend, cozying up in his lap, peppering his lips with soft kisses, and petting his hair, Jimin immediately pulled Soo-jin over to him and immersed them into a warm, friendly hug, while giggling loudly. They got along so well and you loved it, that they were such good friends. And when the voice of the boy’s leader rang through the hallway, you all straightened up, knowing perfectly well he was the one to bring news from outside. Good or bad.


Chapter 53 – Spring day

It was cold. Very cold. The harsh autumn wind ran over your exposed skin, goosebumps scattered all over it. The sun started to set slowly, the sky already tinted in pastel orange. The trees, shielding the small balcony in front of your room, rustled gently in the wind, mixing with the far-away noises of this big city, spreading under the hill the dorm was placed on. You only wore a thin shirt and a pair of grey joggers, much to less for the cold temperatures. But you didnt care. You didnt feel anything. Not the wind, not your bare feet starting to get numb on the cold floor tiles, not your face, completely wet and swollen by all the tears, and not the gentle sound of the balconies door, opening, and closing quickly. You just stared out to the city, the rage, the numbness, the suffocating feeling of drowning, and this persistent screaming noise clouding your mind. And then suddenly this picture, this dream you had. Yoongi, looking at you with this expression, this trust, and longing.


Have you already seen...?