Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Location artworks

Visit places from the fanfic

The dorm

Get to know the cozy dorm where the boys lived for quite a while before Y/N was added to their mix.

The dorm is placed on a soft hill, overlooking the city. It has two floors and spacious rooms, big enough to fit two or three people in it. The building is surrounded by many trees, shielding the inhabitant’s live and privacy from the outside world.

Future Mansion

Take a look into the spacious property, the boys and Y/N currently planning in the future timeline. From a generous living area to a gym and a dance studio, this mansion has everything one could need. A place to arrive to and to stay. Maybe for a lifetime.

Small notice: The rounded lines on floor 0, south from the living room is the terrace. And the square, embedded in it, is the pool.