Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Ambitious and high-achieving. Maybe too much?

Others about Ji-ho

Y/N: In the beginning, I got along with Ji-ho so well. We had a wonderful creative connection and she worked very hard. Lately, sadly she lashed out to me more and more. Criticizing my remarks, opposing my decisions. And I don’t know why. Maybe, she feels threatened or not acknowledged enough? I will try harder and hope things will get better.

Sang-hoon: Hm … Ji-ho? She is … very clever. Her designs arent bad and in the end there is something to work with everytime. But Y/N always has to give a huge load of input, so I dont know how productive this is on the long term. But besides that I get along with her.

Jae: I … I can’t tell you much about Ji-ho. She works usually very hard and delivers when she has to. Sometimes she is very harsh, especially when Y/N isn’t watching. But it’s… bearable.

Ji-hos music recommendation:
Jaymes Young – Infinity