Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Our protagonist. Fierce. Supportive. And sometimes a bit insecure.

Others about Y/N

Soo-jin: The day this one stumbled into my shooting location, back when we met at her hometown, man … you wouldn’t have recognized her. Shy, talking very quietly, fidgeting. But over the years, after many hardships and hard work, she bloomed so much. I am beyond proud of her and will support her every time I get the chance. As she did with me. I love her. Genuinely. She is my favorite person and I will protect her no matter what 😘

Ben (father):  My brave girl was always very special! 🥰 Not that I would favor her over Alexis, she is great too. But when Alexis was very forthcoming and determined to make her way past everything (she takes after her mother 😅), Y/N was always very kind, had an open ear for the people around her and liked to help, where she could. Sometimes even to her … disadvantage. Looking back at her path and what she archieved by now … I *sniff* I AM JUST SOOO PROUD OF HER!

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Y/Ns music recommendation:
Jeremy Renner – “Nomad”