Beyond the Mikrokosmos

A young, hard-working man with a big heart.

Others about Jae

Do-yun: This kid πŸ˜„ I can say, I liked him from the start. His openness and his cheerfulness are very refreshing, next to all those very serious or overambitious people, I see every day. And his jokes … I don’t know if I should cry or laugh sometimes. But in the end, I am just very happy to have him around. He is like … like a son to me, I think. But don’t tell him. He will never let that slip, I just know.

Y/N: In the moment he walked into my office, a wide grin on his face and with those astounding, selfmade clothes, I just knew he belonged to this company. And I was right. He is so talented and I just dont get it, why no one did give him a chance. But apparently all they see are qualifications. Their loss. His designs are functional, flattering and very fashion forward. And his attitude and work ethics are all I could ask for. I love him. Really ☺️