Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Living in your universe Fanfiction


Chapter 1 - Lazy mornings

A lazy morning. A fresh cup of coffee and the start of your story.
The story, that changed your life forever.

Chapter 2 - Starry night on a spring morning

Once upon a time has to start somewhere, right? So let’s begin with a determined, young woman, starting her life in a new city.
And meeting the first of seven men, changing her life forever.

Chapter 3 - What are the odds

Decisions to make and calls to take. Well…you got a business card from the handsome stranger, with a name you were quite familiar with. Kim Taehyung from HYBE. Could it be? That somewone who set of a whole ass bunch of butterflies in you – only with his voice – is the Kim Taehyung from BTS?

So, take a deep breath and just hit the “Call” Button, right?

Chapter 4 - Are you up for it?

What are the odds, having a late night video chat with Taehyung and Jimin, right? This unexpected turn of events left its trance in your thoughts. But you don’t have too much time to overthink. Come on, let’s meet your new employees and start this business, you came here for!

Chapter 5 - Really pretty

Brace yourself, BTS is coming… The boys have been eager to finally meet you. At least that’s what Taehyung said, as he invited you to a meet up with all his band members. And now you were there, standing in front of a small coffee shop, trying to calm your nerves. Would you all get along? Would you enjoy the time with them?

Why don’t you open the door and find out!

Chapter 6 - Your heartbeat on mine

With one sentence from Taehyung your mind was set aflame. Walking next to him through the night time streets of Seol, hearing those words, let your heart beat a thousand times faster. But now…let’s take a deep breath and move forward a little in the timeline.

Remember those relaxing morning talks with Jin and Yoongi? Let’s get back to that, shall we?

Chapter 7 - Late night whispers

Have you enjoyed the little timeskip and some quality time with your wonderful partner Namjoon? Wonderful! Then let’s get back to the night time streets of Seoul. “I think I was just a little too excited to finally spend some alone time with you…” Taehyungs words set off a storm in you, awakening those unruly feelings you had developed for him.

Will you act on them? And what about his and Jimin’s relationship?

Chapter 8 - Serendipity

Taehyung kissed you. And then asked you to date him. And then told you he is in a relationship with three other people. And these people are Jimin, Jin and Namjoon. And…what the hell? After this heavy load of revelations you needed some time for yourself. And you can’t forget about your new business. After all, there are exciting projects to attend to. But everything runs just fine. Or is it?

Chapter 9 - Lost in the fog

After your shopping spree with Jimin you were left with many feelings…and two wonderful men you apparently dated now. But your tight schedule did not leave much time to dwell about it, your business only starting now. With the help of Jimin you found a location for your important shooting, which is about to start…now! Let’s get into it, shall we?

Artwork coming soon

Preview: Chapter 11 - We from the moon, you from the stars

The shooting was a success and your memories are filled with precious moments from that day. The guys surprising you, the deep conversations you had and that little bathroom moment with Jimin and Taehyung. But what happens now? Business is calling! And didnt you have this one very first order from that one famous idol?

Preview: Chapter 12 - Can I ask you something?

You found your way into a balanced everyday life. Managing your business successfully and enjoying your connection with the boys. Just a few days ago you finally found a suitable date for your cooking session with Jin. On this day after work you bought the ingredients and made your way over to the boys dorm. Excited to finally see them all again.

Preview: Chapter 13 - Chaos in my mind

“Y/N. I am engaged to Kookie.” Jimins words echoed in your mind as you tried to make sense of this unexpected revelation. What will be your reaction and what other secrets are there to uncover? Find out in this chapter!

Preview: Chapter 18 - Blue hour

Some time went by and with a smile you thought back to the night in the dorm. Cooking with Jin, the relaxed atmosphere, Jungkooks confession and waking up between two of your boyfriends, enjoying their hot touches and loving words. But let’s not forget the original reason why you even met them: the shoes. And you have finally finished them, so…what now? Let’s find out in this very long chapter!