Beyond the Mikrokosmos

The fashionable owner of 'Serendipity'

Others about Ariel

Jimin: I met Ariel on one of our shoots for a big Korean fashion magazine. The clothes came from ‘Serendipity’ and I loved my outfit so much, I wanted to discretely snatch it away 😜 But of course, Ariel noticed my poor attempt, and after some scolding (“Really kid. You have enough money to buy millions of this!”) we got along really well. In the end, I bought the outfit on the spot and wore it the whole day. I visit the boutique often. Sometimes Hobi or Jin accompanies me.

Hobi: When I am searching for something special, I always take a look into Ariels store. The selection is dope there. Something between street style, goth and a light feminine touch. And I mean … no wonder sunshine looked so fucking hot at that birthday party. The dress came from ‘Serendipity’.

Ariels music recommendation:
OK Go – Needing/Getting