Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Dark days and rays of light

Blood, sweat & tears
Not today

This is the start of a collection of smaller chapters, giving glimpses into a timeframe, following the aftermath of the dramatic events of Ji-ho's betrayal.

Chapter 50 – Blood, sweat & tears

“Hngh…hmm…ah…” Your breathing was going fast, your skin flushed in an angry red. Beads of sweat and water ran down your face, as you threw your head to the firm shoulder behind you. “H-hobi…” You mumbled absent-mindedly, your mouth slightly opened, small moans rippling over your lips.

“Yes, sunshine?” His voice was soft and innocent, a very stark contrast to the sweet torture he currently put you under. “Tell me, what do you want?”

Chapter 51 – Not today

“Ha! Eat mud sucker!” A triumphant voice cried out loudly, underscored by annoyed groans and some amused laughter.

“I told you to not let them duel you in that game.” You sat on the sofa in the living room, your legs crossed, a white fluff almost looking like a pillow laying in your lap, looking with a soft expression at the bickering pair sitting on the floor in front of the large TV.


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