Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Back in the game - The conference I

The press hall was filled with busy-looking people, either running around to stock up the supply of water bottles and snacks or to sit down at their respective seats and wait for the conference to begin. Bang invited everyone from the biggest press firms and tv studios, wanting to make a huge, official statement and making sure, that this message would finally make an end to the bad rumors, still circulating.

Under the watchful eyes of Namjoon, you allowed yourself to catch up with your phone and answer your family’s and friends’ questions. The news seemed to have reached much farther than you all had thought, so it was a lot to handle. You even checked some of your socials and to your surprise, the hate was manageable. Somehow the information got around, especially in the army community, that Ji-ho was fake and that her claims were false. And that you were a friend of BTS and supported them, most and foremost. So your timeline and profiles were flooded with many purple hearts, supportive messages, and wonderful armys, writing you that they stood behind you. It was unbelievable.

On the other hand, many of your clients and the future projects you had planned, were declined or canceled.

Have you already seen...?