Beyond the Mikrokosmos

One summer evening (Future)

A tepid summer evening. Crickets chirping in the warm air, along with the softly rustling leaves of lazily moving trees. The atmosphere quiet, almost tranquil... If it wasn't for the heavily cursing woman, trampling over the nightly meadow, her annoyed shouts sounding out into the relaxing landscape. Why? Well... let's find out!

“Jung fucking Yoongi! Open that damn door, or else!” You knocked furiously on the thin metal door of the camper, the noises you made sounded through the otherwise quiet area. Trees were rustling in the soft summer breeze and you could hear muffled laughter and squeaking from the main house. “You promised you would be out over two hours ago! We prepared the food all alone, you damn idiot!” Frustrated, you crossed your arms and blew a strand of your long, blonde hair away from your face. You tried to hear anything, but the camper was immersed in quiet. With a deep growl, you started to walk around it, trampling over the soft sand and kicking some of the lake’s pebbles out of the way. The gentle sound of the little waves, catching up on the small shoreline didn’t calm you down. Usually, you really liked hanging out by the lake near your house. Old willows and lots of reeds gave a wonderful sense of nature. It was perfect to swim in it, not too deep, not too shallow. A lot of beautiful memories were made here. But now you had other problems. The chaotic everyday life of yours and the madhouse you lived in. Babysitting too many smaller and bigger troublemakers for your liking. And get your damn partner to join the family dinner.

You stopped before a big window on the side of the vehicle, overseeing the beautiful nature. Just as you wanted to continue furiously knocking on the windowpane you spotted your partner and retained. A smile graced your lips and your anger was gone in a second. There he sat with his headphones on, looking at his computer fully immersed, eyes full of passion. He still wore the crazy patterned Hawaiian shirt and the ripped denim pants, from when he changed after swimming and immediately disappeared into his genius camper. His hands ghosted over an electric piano in front of him, a light smile flew over his lips. (…)

Have you already seen...?