Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Chapter 49: Dark days and rays of light - First love

This is the start of a collection of smaller chapters, giving glimpses into a timeframe, following the aftermath of the dramatic events of Ji-ho's betrayal.

The floor under your bare feet was cold, as you quickly walked past the black and blue-tinted walls, the little specks of light, dancing through the air, coming from the nighttime city of Seoul. The house almost felt empty, only this faint music, wavering into this tranquility, piercing through the darkness with heavy emotions. Your mind still felt tired, as you staggered along the hallway, supporting yourself on the smooth surface of the walls. Every time you stopped, you closed your eyes for one second, trying to grasp more of the melody, almost scared for it to go away. For this unsettling emotion inside of you, to disappear.

Have you already seen...?