Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Crushed - Revelations II
Our home (future)

Chapter 45
“DON’T TOUCH HER AGAIN OR I WILL BREAK EVERY FUCKING BONE IN YOUR BODY!” A very angry, very furious voice shouted through the room, underscored by muffled groans and gasps.

“Yah! Kook. Don’t hurt him! This won’t look good in the evidence video.” The broad shoulders said scoldingly.

“Jin is right, Kookie. Let him breathe for god’s sake.” A very familiar voice added.

“Okay, okay.” An agitated voice returned. “But he won’t come near my Y/N.”

“Our Y/N. Don’t be such a possessive little brat, Jeon.” The broad shoulders said with a sharp tone. Those words finally set off a motion in you and your brain started to work again.

– – –

Chapter 46
“Oh, I love the view from up here!” Your excited voice sounded through the huge room and down to the two men, currently grinning very widely while looking up to you, the bubbly blonde woman, leaning on the wood and glass railing of the open gallery. “This would be a perfect place for some lounge chairs and a coffee table, don’t you think?” With a happy giggle, you whirled around and spread your arms, showing them the places you referred to.

“Sure baby. Whatever you want.” The taller one said calmly, his eyes sparkling with joy, seeing his wife that happy.

“Oh, you just love to spoil her, don’t you, Joon?” The other whispered with an amused smirk, gaining himself a playful nudge in his shoulder and a bright giggle from upstairs.

“I hear you Tae-bear and it is true.” You leaned back on the railing, your long, blonde hair falling around your face and gently sawing with your motions, your eyes beaming brightly. “My Joon loves to spoil me and surely will spoil the little bean to all our annoyance when it is here!”


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