Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Just an act - Revelations I

The long hallway of your office was empty and dark. A haunting silence hung over the usually very busy building like a thick veil, the white walls now tinted in a deep blue, only some strips of light falling through the windows, radiated by the pulsating Seoul night. Your heart was beating fast, your hands clenched together in the pockets of the oversized hoodie you were wearing, as you carefully walked past the abandoned rooms, lined up along the cold stone floor. You felt your phone vibrating furiously inside of the small bag you had thrown over your shoulder, but you couldn’t care less for the device at the moment. All of your senses were directed to the narrow slit of light, emanating under your office door at the end of the hall.

So, there he was.

This had to be Sang-hoon, waiting for you in your office. The hushed voice on the phone could only be him. But why he would call you here, in the middle of the night? And most and for all, almost threaten you on the phone? You were scared, you couldn’t lie. But you also had this unbearable urge to clear up this mess inside of your company once and for all. And if it took you to face a bitter, jealous employee of yours in the middle of the night, then this was fine by you. After all, this wasn’t the first time you had to defend yourself and it probably wouldn’t be the last time. You were prepared. You were ready.
You took another slow step in the direction of the door, as your phone went off again, buzzing and buzzing, with no end in sight. With a sigh, you finally took it out of the bag and glanced at the screen.


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