Beyond the Mikrokosmos

A smile and a bowl of Japchae

In retrospect, you had to know that something like this would happen sooner or later. But maybe you wanted to believe, that you somehow got away with it. Or that the press was more compliant here. But you did miscalculate it badly.

After the news broke out on the evening of the exhibition, you were forced to leave the event as quickly as possible. Namjoon had a very tense conversation with Sejin and made an emergency plan for the next hours. Get home, inform the others, call Bang PD, find a solution. Luckily it was already late and you could leave your tasks to overlook the rest of the event to your team, especially Jae and Do-yun. They made sure the director of the museum got your message, excusing you because of family-related issues, and they even organized you and the three men, well two men and disguised Tae, a car to drive you home. They didnt know what happened exactly since their phones were probably locked up in the staff room, but they knew something problematic has happened. So you were glad, they supported you, no matter what.

The car ride was quiet and you had your head buried in the crook of Taes neck. The fear of the consequences, especially now that your name leaked along with very clear photos of you, dragged you into a deep hole, you weren’t sure you would easily come out again. He tried to soothe you, caressing over your back and shoulders gently, whispering sweet nothings into your ear, but the tension in all his actions was clearly noticeable. And when you got home you were welcomed by a loud, nervous bunch of men, already waiting for you at the entrance door, their faces twisted with concern and confusement. All in all, it was a difficult end to this previously special day.

“Y/N…” A thin, careful voice sounded over to you from the door.

You lifted your head from the cold surface of your writing desk and looked directly into the penitent face of Sang-hoon, nervously stepping from one foot to the other, fidgeting with his hands. You were sure you looked dead tired and exhausted, with dark circles under your eyes and messy hair.

“Hmm…?” You mumbled absent-mindedly. (…)

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