Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Somewhere in between (future)

Softly you hummed along with the soothing melody coming from the Bluetooth speakers sitting on the small, wooden sideboard next to the white, wooden door. Rain was knocking gently on the window panes, mixing with the quiet jazz music and giving off an incredible cozy feeling. The room was only lit by a small lava lamp on one of the bedside tables and some fairy lights. Since you only temporarily moved into this house you scattered every room with your beloved fairy lights, trying to make up for those gruesome bright, white ceiling lamps. For the new home, Namjoon promised you a very good lighting concept – thank god! He knew you were very sensitive in that area, so he took care of it.

You cuddled deeper into the big, fluffy blanket, pulling the big RJ plushie on your chest closer, and tried to continue reading your book. But your mind started to wander off from time to time and you couldn’t concentrate. Somewhere in the house, you heard a door closing and some quiet laughter, probably coming from the big kitchen downstairs. You remembered that Jin told you, he wanted to test out a new bread recipe and that he wanted to prepare the dough before going to bed. Maybe Taehyung or Yoongi joined him, looking over his shoulder, and commenting his every step with playfully snarky, or in Yoongis case, wry, remarks. With a sigh you finally put down the book, surrendering to your restless mind. Your eyes wandered over the room, taking in the elegant wooden furniture, the stone gray walls, and the big floor-length windows, covered by deep blue velvet curtains. At the foot of the bed two white, fluffy dogs were cuddled up together, sleeping soundly. 

“Bored, darling?” A soft voice came from beside you and you turned around, your head now resting on the plushie and your eyes on the man, only clothed with a pair of loose boxers and a wide tank top . He wore big headphones and had a laptop propped up on his crossed legs.

“Hmm…restless, somehow.” You said, your eyes wandering over the man’s face, taking in his relaxed glance at you and his cute dimples, showing up in the corner of his beautiful mouth. 

“Come here.” He patted to his side, his messy, blonde hair falling over his forehead and throwing soft shadows over his beautiful features.

“Hmm…” You mumbled, burying your head into the soft, white fabric of the plushy and exhaling slowly. “No…lazy…”

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