Beyond the Mikrokosmos

I trusted you - Museum II

You slowly opened your eyes, your head thumping in pain and your vision blurry. With a groan, you touched your head and tried to straighten up. But your arms gave in immediately and your head started to spin more. In the corner of your eye, you could make out a quick movement and a dark figure, standing on the top stair.

“W…wait…” You weakly said, your voice trembling.

The figure flinched, their eyes widened and you could see that they took some trembling steps backward. You blinked a few times, your vision slowly getting clearer. And suddenly the figure looked familiar. This short black hair, the dark skin, and this striking face … you would recognize everywhere.

“J-Jane?” You whispered weakly. Your pulse started to race and your motions got hasty, panic flooding up in your body. You managed to stand up, swaying slightly, your eyes closed to suppress the bright lightning of pain, shooting through your head. And when you opened them again, the figure was gone.

“W-what…?” You mumbled weakly. “Was this … was this real?”

Confused, you turned your head, slowly, trying not to trigger the dizziness too much.

“Y/N?” A concerned voice sounded over to you from your right. “Y/N!”


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