Beyond the Mikrokosmos

The sounds of lively chatting people waved over the spacious terrace and mixed with the high-pitched laughter the birthday girl threw out, currently standing next to me. We just talked about some funny stories from school and wallowed in old memories, as I felt her hand on my shoulder and I noticed a shrewd look on her face.

“Say, Hobi.” She sounded a bit drunk, I couldn’t lie. But I knew she could take a good amount of alcohol, after all, she made it through her medical degree somehow. “The girl you brought today … Y … Y …”

“Y/N?” I asked with an amused tone in my voice, my head tilted questioningly.

Her face lit up and she clapped in her hands excitedly. “Yes! Y/N! Say…” With a conspiratorial glance, she leaned forward, whispering with a slightly raspy voice directly into my ear. “I thought you had a boyfriend. Y…yoongi? S-so…what about her?” Her eyes wandered over my face and her lips were turned upwards into a grin.

With a chuckle, I shook my head and crossed my arms. That was a really good question. Contrary to the other guys, my heart had only belonged to one person for years … until I met her. And the thing with Jin was mostly just fun and friendship, not real, deep, romantic love. When she walked into this little coffee shop with her cute dress, this beaming smile, and those sparkling eyes, my mind just shut off and there was this sudden feeling of confusement inside of me. Yoongi noticed this in an instant, seeing me tense up for a moment, my eyes glued to her. But as the wonderful partner he is, he just smiled at me encouragingly and I relaxed again. And when I walked over to her to introduce me, my old cheerful self was back.
Since then I managed to get a bit closer to her, chatting over the phone almost every day and building up a very laid-back friendship. I tried not to push too much to the foreground, letting the more eager maknae line figure out their feelings first. It was clear that everyone in my group had fallen for her, one way or another. Even Yoongi had developed feelings eventually, which he told me when we were lying in bed one night, some days before the party in her office. We found out we both held the same chaos of emotions for her but in very different ways. I came clean to myself relatively quickly and was content with figuring out what I felt for her bit by bit. It was a comfortable feeling, which went along with me every day, making me smile and feel excited. But Yoongi had fallen really hard. I had never seen him that confused, that emotionally overwhelmed. Not even when he got together with Jin, though it was a really tough time. 

“Yah! Hobi!” The voice of my friend broke me out of my deep thoughts. “Don’t zone out like that! You hadn’t had that much alcohol, to begin with.” She giggled and leaned her head on my shoulder. “So, what about her?” 

With a chuckle, I patted her hair and my eyes wandered over the crowd. “I don’t know exactly, but I like her. Definitely like a friend. Possibly more…” Then my eyes suddenly got stuck on something and a sour feeling built up in my stomach. I saw Y/N talking to a man, his lips turned into a sickening flirtatious grin, his eyes glued to her. And I swear, normally I am quite tame and peaceful, jealousy isn’t something I usually deal with. But seeing this fucker speak to Y/N, my sunshine unleashed a furious feeling of rage and jealousy inside of me. Because … she was mine. The lust I felt in that car, the moment she laid her hand on my thigh, came back, clouding my mind and fueling the intense feelings more.
Fuck it.
With a low growl, I excused myself and quickly approached her, straightening the collar of my dress shirt and putting on my best, sleek smile. I knew I could look very intimidating when I wanted. And right now … I didnt want anything more than get him away from her. When I was just some feet away, the douchebag spotted me and an expression full of fear instantly turned up on his face. Good boy. His wide grin faltered into a fake smile and I knew he searched for a possibility to run away as fast as he could. About time.

With crossed arms and my threatening smile, I stopped next to her, my gaze slowly wandering over the man appraisingly. I didn’t want to interrupt Y/N in her explanations, so I restricted myself to just staring and smiling. But the whiny idiot didn’t withstand my presence for long and quickly went off with a lame excuse.
Then I turned my attention to her beautiful side profile, curious what her reaction to my intervention would be like. Would she be angry? Did she even notice? Of course, she would. She is very clever after all. One of the things I find very hot about her. Along with her temper, sometimes peeking up under a pile of insecurities and bad experiences. And when that happens, my lower parts always react much too quickly for my liking.

To my surprise she only grabbed her glass of wine, without batting an eye at me, taking a sip and sighting quietly

“Jung Hoseok, is there something you want to tell me or why did you scare away this poor man?” Her voice was not too concerningly angry, so I just gasped exaggeratedly and took her hand with a smirk.

“I would never do something like that Y/N…never.”

Her reaction to that was just something else. She only shook her head, a sexy grin on her face and a cheeky question on her lips. And she pulled her hand away, crossing her arms in front of her body, making her silky dress outline her perky breasts deliciously. Damn.

“Jealous, big boy?”

This pet name, paired with her raspy voice and this sight did something for me, I couldn’t lie. My lower body reacted strongly and the lust from before built up more. My eyes slowly traveled over her body, taking in all those wonderful curves and my mind started to imagine her without this dress Jimin got her. Well, I was definitely fucked. There is no point in denying it. But nevertheless, I need something to distract myself, quickly. Or I will pop a noticeable boner in front of all those people. Idol Jung Hoseok sports a huge boner while talking to the beautiful CEO of a creative firm? Not so good. Let’s think. What could I do to keep my mind occupied? My eyes quickly glanced over our surroundings. The music from the dance floor seeped in my head, while I searched and suddenly I knew. Hell, I was a dancer, so…

“Maybe…” I said with a grin. “Or maybe I just want to dance with you.” I tilted my head in the direction of the already filled dance floor. “So, can I have this dance, sunshine?”

I hope you enjoyed this little bonus chapter. I think there will be coming some more. I have so much ideas and I think to include them all int he fanfiction would be very confusing. So I will post them here on my website, as exclusive content, so to say ☺️ Enjoy and have a nice day!

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