Beyond the Mikrokosmos

What a poetic title, right? 😂

But it really depicts my current everyday life very well. My job is quite demanding and I try to find a balance between work, writing, and my family. And I tell ya, it isn’t easy. But I do know we all probably fight with this problem and in the end, I am quite fortunate to have everything I have. A flat, enough money, work, and time to pursue my passion, which is this fanfiction and the connection to you guys.

And seeing last week’s progress, I am very happy. I started to upload my fic on Wattpad and already have some views. I am quite interested if this will maybe be a good platform to gain new readers, but we will see about that. And Instagram and the website visits are going up slowly, which is great! I put so much effort into this story, it just makes me happy to see that you, out there in the world, are interested in it ❤️
Especially my loyal readers, who give me so much feedback and new point of views on the story I write. I am beyond happy about you!

Here are some TMIs about the last weeks I had:

Alright, I just wanted to get back to you a bit and tell you about the current situation. The updates won’t come very regularly from now on, because of this. But I know you always give me as much time as I need and say, I shouldn’t build up to much pressure, so I won’t. Promise! But I am very motivated to continue writing and have a huge chunk of the story already planned out for you. Exciting things are coming, my lovely people! 😍

Thank you for your time and your support. Recommend the fanfic, if you have time, and someone who would appreciate it. Don’t forget: I 💜 you!

Your author, Anto 🦄

Antos music recommendation today:
Joe Hisaishi – Ashitaka and San