Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Flowers and a broken teapot - Museum I

“Miss? Where do you want to display those flower arrangements?”

With a concentrated expression, you turned to the friendly voice, your red, floor-length gown twirling around your body. The woman in front of you was dressed in the museum’s uniform, smiling politely at you, in her hands a bouquet with white orchids and dark-magenta gladiolus.

“Oh! Wonderful! They have finally arrived!” Your tense face instantly changed into a relieved one and your lips curled up into a smile. “Please bring them to the Joseon dynasty section. One of my employees is waiting for you there and will help to display them correctly.”

The woman bowed politely and immediately made her way through the hall full of busy people dressed in uniforms, costumes, and your company’s shirts. The last preparations for the grand opening of the exhibition were in full force and shortly the large doors of the museum behind you would open for a lustrous crowd of celebrities, historians, politicians, and idols. The museum held this kind of event every year, inviting all the important people in the city to an evening full of expensive food, live music, and dancing. And this year your company was the one to manage the whole thing. And plan everything into the last, little detail. Including the beautiful exhibits of pottery from various Korean historical periods.

You looked down on your phone and checked the time. The flowers were the last thing missing and with their arrival, everything was set. At least on your to-do list. Now you had a little more than an hour left for taking a last glance over everything and checking up on your employees. With a smile you started to wander through the spacious halls, scattered with well-lit pedestals, lush flower arrangements, cozy seating areas, and elegant high-tables stocked with candlesticks. You greeted some of the museum’s guides on your way and admired their well-made costumes, fitted to their respective time period…

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