Beyond the Mikrokosmos

“You look like you have seen a ghost, little.” 

A concerned voice came from your right and you felt someone take your hand into theirs, warmth immediately radiating into your tensed muscles and exhausted mind. You recognized the voice in a matter of seconds and your head whipped upwards, a puzzled expression on your face.

“J-Joon?” You asked confused. And no wonder. The man in front of you resembled the leader of BTS only vaguely. Instead of his bluish-gray short hair, the man sported dark-brown, long hair, flowing down his body and a full beard. The black suit he wore was snatched together at the waist and you spotted a black turtleneck, peeking out under the heaps of hair. Gold chains and elegant leather boots completed the outfit.

Here is the colored version:

Alternative version (wrong outfit 😂)

Hope you like the sketch. Have a wonderful day 😘