Beyond the Mikrokosmos

I welcome you to my own website – officially and a bit late. Sorry for that.

If you read this right now, it means you are a loyal reader of my first fanfiction ‘Living in your universe’, and very interested in my artworks. And my fanfiction. And if that is the case, let me tell you something.

I love you.

You don’t know how much your support, you simple click on my fanfiction and my website, means to me. This fanfiction isn’t only about those seven guys you and I admire. And some fantasy about them. This is about connection to you over thousands of miles, sharing my ideas, my thoughts, my experiences with you and hopefully filling both our faces with smiles or maybe tears. Depending on the chapter 😂

So, how about I introduce myself? Maybe you have found my name in some of the chapter’s notes or maybe you hear it the first time now. Anyway, hello. Nice to meet you lovely human. I am Anto.

I am in my twenties, working in the creative field for quite some time now, but always said ‘I can’t do well with writing’. I have a dog, a partner, a work I love to do … and a big crush on seven Korean guys and their music. Oh, well. but I do think with you I am in good company, right?

Besides them, my passions include delicious food and cooking it, watching movies (preferably musicals or animation), drawing my own digital art or watching real-life art from others, writing my own music, sing (while cooking or showering 😂), and having games nights with my friends.

To introduce myself further, here are four TMIs or fun facts about me.

Alright, now you know me, at least the essentials. I you have burning questions for me, you can ask me anytime on the official Instagram account for this fanfiction @beyondthemikrokosmos. Just leave a DM and I will answer you as quickly and genuine as I can. The same goes for questions regarding this fancfiction. Or you can ask in your next comment under my fanfic on Archive of our own.

I hope you have a wonderful day today, or tomorrow, if it is night at your country. I hope we can get in touch in the future and that you accompany me on my further way with this fanfic. I love to hear from you, in any way you are comfortable with.

Thank you for your time and your support. I 💜 you!

Your author, Anto 🦄

Antos music recommendation today:
Babeheaven, Human Nature