Beyond the Mikrokosmos

Y/Ns best friend, but far more than just a sidekick.

Others about Soo-jin

Y/N: Soo-jin is one of my most favorite people on earth. They always have my back and love me without ever asking for anything back. Like … I would go through hell for Soo-jin. Anytime! When I was at my lowest point, they helped me get up again and for that, I am eternally grateful. And no. We have never dated. That would be like … kissing my older sibling 😂

Jimin: When I first met Soo-jin at that shooting I just thought: I wish I could ever be as cool as them. I mean, I am not bad myself. But damn. This red, curly hair, their sunny but calm mood and this flirty smile. If it wasnt for Kookie, Tae and Y/N…who knows. But in the end I think we are just really alike, so thats why I like them.

Namjoon: I have met Soo-jin a few times now and I am impressed by their supportive, calm demeneaur. The way Soo-jin protects Y/N is sometimes a bit much, but I understand it well. I have the same urge, so…I think we will get along.

Soo-jins music recommendation:
Alec Benjamin – 成长 (Older)