Beyond the Mikrokosmos

The friendly and hardworking craftswoman. But is there more to her?

Others about Do-yun

Y/N: Oh, I liked her since the first time I have met her in her interview. That’s why I employed her. She had such a calm, professional appearance and was skilled beyond everything. And now I consider her as my friend, even though she is very secretive with her private life. But I respect that … since she respects and guards my little secret.

Jae: I love her. Hands down. She is such a genuine nice person. I mean, she could be my mom, but that doesnt matter one bit when we conspire to get food into the workaholic Y/N. We just have the best time and she even told me a bit about her difficult past. I trust her and it seems that she trusts me.

Hobi: I met her at that fotoshooting, when we hid from Y/N. We got along pretty well and she showed me how she made this awesome backdrop, before we went on to surprise Y/N. I am just glad Y/N has such friendly people around her. And I am looking forward to see Do-yun more often.

Do-yuns music recommendation:
Encanto – Surface pressure

Comment from Do-yun:
My daughter listens to this every fucking day. So … It got stuck.